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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mixtape Monday 8/03

The CD icons are direct links to download the zip file for each mixtape for free. For Promo use only.

I apologize for posting so late but I have been really busy. Here are the newest mixtapes for this week.

Title: Da Youngfellaz - Back 2 Da Basiks

Favorite Tracks: Back 2 Da Basiks, Breakin You Off

Review: This is part of the new generation of hip-hop that is trying to bring back that classic hip-hop sound. These are 2 young guys are from New York and are tryng to ressurect the East Coast rap game. “We don’t want to cheat ourselves, claims Jay Storm, as he reaches up to adjust his blue and white NY fitted. “We don’t make records that don’t represent us or what we’ve been through. New York only respects the truth and that’s what we give off in our music." Check out their website at http://newricheffect.net/

Title: DJ Holiday & The Aphilliates Present Sammie - Swag & B Vol 1

Favorite Tracks: Wetter, Plenty Money, Love Hate Sex, Day N Night

Review: Sammie is on the come up. Before he jumps back into the game he released this mixtape to get his name back out in the streets. It is working!!! This mixtape fire. His vocals sound great. This is one of the best R&B mixtapes out there next to Trey Songz of course. Sammie is definitely showing a more adult and sexier side of himself. He is all grown up now so all you R&B singers beware.

Title: DJ Teknikz & Travis Porter-Im A Differenter 2

Favorite Tracks: I Remember, All Good, Some Head

Review: http://www.myspace.com/whoistravisporter

“Next in line for the ATL “swavor” movement (that’s swag + flavor), Travis Porter is fast on the heels of their predecessors like Yung L.A., F.L.Y., and J. Money, but they definitely have their own creative lane at the same time. With a goal of distinguishing themselves as something out-of-the-ordinary, Travis Porter put together I’m a Differenter, meaning that which is not a regular, or something like that. In order to really like this mixtape, you have to appreciate it for what it is though: feel good swag music. It’s definitely a nice change of pace from the dope boy sound that’s slowly drying up.” Ozone Magazine

Title: Hi-DEF & Max B - The Wave Is Over

Favorite Tracks:

Review: He's back... kinda although Max B is still locked up he is tryna keep his name to the streets so when he comes home people will know he ain't going no where. All the features are great but Max B himself not so much... I definitely think that the Wave is over. Sorry Max B. Over the mixtape it is decent, the features are awesome, but every song would actually be better off without Max B on the track.

Title: Kingz Ink & DJ L-Gee Presents Giovanni, Yung Texxus & Spark Dawg

Favorite Tracks: Drop It Low, She Ready, If I Wasn't Rappin'

Review: Everyone knows that Texas is on the come up in the rap game right now and these 3 men are on the hot list of artist. This mixtape is good sample of some of the music that is real hot in Texas right now soon to be hitting air waves in a city near you.

Title: Young Buck- After The Unit

Favorite Tracks: Rock N Roll, Let The Beat Rock

Review: Young Buck is back and he has a lot to say to everybody he calls out G-Unit, Mediatakeout, major fashion labels, etc. I was always a fan of Young Buck and hated that 50 tried to water down his rap with lame hooks He is still reppin th south and I think this is only a sample of what is still to come from him.

The CD icons are direct links to download the zip file for each mixtape for free. For Promo use only.


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