Which Cudi video did you like more?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

KiD CuDi vs KiD CuDi

First of all I have been super busy but I am trying to get to back to posting. I apologize for waiting so long. Back to business... Ok so Cudi finally released the 2nd video for his single "The Pursuit of Happiness". This one is more conceptual and seems more "Cudi" (if there is such a thing. lol) to me. It also features the artist who are featured on the track, MGMT and Ratatat. You know it had to be great because I actually watched the whole video (Most I just scan through because they are boring). I posted the first video featuring Drake a while back but now I want to see what you think about the 2 videos. Which on do you think is better? Please vote above.

Part 1 f/Drake

Part 2 f/Ratatat & MGMT


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