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Saturday, February 6, 2010

V. V. Brown Free on iTunes

Wow iTunes has really been on it the last two weeks. First Nneka's "The Uncomfortable Truth" was offered last week, now this week London soul artist V. V. Brown is in the spotlight. I have known about her for some time because a blog I visit often (shoutout to TIRM), featured her some months ago and I fell in love with her cd "Traveling Like the Light". Right now I feel like so much American soul/r&b music has become generic and overly sexed. I now get my fill for soul from a lot of UK artist. If you share that sentiment, V. V. Brown may have something to offer you. At any rate be sure to hop over to iTunes and download her single "Shark In the Water" for FREE here. And you if you dig it go ahead and cop her cd for only $5.99 on iTunes!!! (Skip Mickey D's today and have some great music. lol)


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